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About Us

Midwest Classics on 66 has been a 10 year dream of Mike Bell & Jeff Hubrich. We finally got the opportunity to purchase the old Ben Franklin building right on Route 66 in the heart of the Midwest. Our dream was to have a modern facility to show or passion to the Wilmington locals and the many tourist from around the world traveling old Route 66.


Midwest Classics on 66 also buys and sells Classic & Muscle cars of all branches and we encourage others to enjoy their passion. We also help newcomers to the car scene reach their dream of owning a Classic or Muscle car of their own.


Jeff and Mike have been Working on, Restoring, Buying and Selling classic cars and bikes for the last 34 years our knowledge and experience will ensure you get what you paying for and that you don’t end up with a money pit or a car requiring total restoration, we hear every week from people how they or their mate got misled on an Internet purchase or thought they were buying a one owner only driven on Sundays vehicle.


Jeff is a long time resident of the Wilmington & Joliet area and his local knowledge is extensive. Mike is from across the pond in Perth Western Australia and we have both seen the pitfalls of buying over the phone or Internet, we know all too well the disappointment of your dream car arriving and not resembling what you were told or how it looked in the photos you got sent.


Mike has been importing cars into Perth Australia for the last 8 years and understands that the simple repair or replacement parts can be found easily at the local US auto parts store, however when your car arrives after 2 months / 20,000kms of shipping and items don’t work or are missing this can lead to stressful Internet searches, costly shipping costs and delays licensing in your home country.



Piece of Mind for Buyers


Our services below will ensure you get what you pay for and in the same or better condition then you were promised by us or a seller of your choice:


  •     Classic Car and Bike Museum on Route 66 in Wilmington IL
  •     Classic Car and Bike Sales – Buy a classic car or bike from Car Guys
  •     Trade in and Financing Available
  •     Classic car and Bike storage all year round in a Fully Climate Controlled facility
  •     Gift shop with memorabilia, antiques and Route 66 items for sale at all times Online and in store
  •     Pre-purchase inspections and reports on vehicles so you get what you have been promised
  •     Classic car and Bike valuation service for insurance and investment use
  •     Source, Find and purchase service for clients looking for their dream car or bike
  •     Safe money hand over, collection of titles and vehicles for clients
  •     Coordinate local and Worldwide shipping of Cars, Bikes and Memorabilia
  •     Preparation of vehicles and bikes prior to shipping
  •     Preparation of vehicles for shipping to ensure all items work i.e. horns, lights, washers, seat-belts, oil leaks etc for Customs entry requirements around the world

    Coordinate other services for clients prior to shipping i.e. exhausts, wheels and tires, glass repairs etc

Our Team

Michael T Bell

General Manager

Jeffery A Hubrich


Gina Bell

Gift Shop

Few sentences about him and what he does at the company.

Few sentences about him and what he does at the company.

Few sentences about him and what he does at the company.



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Sorry for the inconvenience,

we are closed until further notice


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